Systemban gives you the opportunity to protect your server from users you definitely don't want. We have a large list of accounts that you don't want on your server. Among them are users who are bots, who are racist, who are suspicious or who publish private data or threaten to do so. As soon as a user joins your server or tries to write something, our bot actively checks whether this user is known from our list. If so, you can let the bot take one of many actions to protect your server and users.

Max Members

Max Members allows you to limit your server to a certain number of users. This can be useful, for example, if your server is spammed with many users who join, if you want to limit your server to a number of users for an event, for example, or for many other reasons. Choose a log, an action to perform, set the maximum, turn on the feature, and it's that easy!

Reaction Roles & Embed Sender

With our Embed sender, you are able to send embeds over Modguard on your guild. You can customize the color, the title and much more. In addition, you can use our RoleReaction-Module to give or remove users Roles. Very useful for verification.


With our logging system you can log almost everything on your guild. From deleted messages to channel activities to audit log actions. You can define a separate channel for each action.


Raid protection ensures that raid attacks are securely defended against and a personalizable action is executed as soon as such an attack occurs. It uses multiple techniques to detect raids and raid users so that the server is protected at the right moment.

Chat Filter

The chat filter gives you the possibility to choose many of the preset filters to keep your chat safe. Thereby, personalizable actions can be performed so that users should not commit this violation of your chat filters again.


Statistics are a very good way to learn more about your server and users. What happens on your server and especially when? How often does it happen that... ? All this should be answered by the statistics. They are your friend and helper when building large servers.

Leveling System

The level system gives you the opportunity to make your chat more active. Award users a few points for each message and award levels if they reach a certain number of points. You can reward certain levels with more features or other benefits, which makes active chatting and leveling up more active.

Powerful User Dashboard

The powerful dashboard provides you with the management and administration of your server to perfectly customize the bot to your needs. No matter what the setting, this is the place to manage it. Whether it's Chat Filter, Global Ban, Anti Raid, Maxmember or other functions, it's all done in the Dashboard. You also manage your premium subscriptions here. Setting up a bot with a slash command was yesterday.

Captcha System

A powerful tool designed to enhance security on your server. With its advanced algorithms, the system verifies new users and ensures they are human before granting them access. Say goodbye to bots and spammers, as ModGuard's Discord Captcha System provides a seamless and hassle-free experience for server owners and members alike, keeping your community safe and secure.

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